Probe Configurations for Every Application
The ECLIPSE ® Model 706 provides users with the total range of GWR measurement solutions. An extensive line of dedicated coaxial, single and twin rod probes delivers accurate, reliable level control, from routine water storage to process media exhibiting corrosive vapors, foam, steam, coating and buildup, surface agitation, bubbling or boiling, high fill/empty rates, low level, and varying dielectric or specific gravity conditions.

Overfill Capable Probes
Magnetrol offers the only guided wave radar transmitter on the market with a full range of Overfill Capable Probes. Unlike other GWR transmitters that use algorithms to infer level readings in top-of-the-probe dead zones, the ECLIPSE Model 706 measures true level to within specification all the way up to the process flange. Coaxial and single rod Overfill Capable Probes can be installed in various configurations, even when the risk of flooding exists.

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